The AFRIMED laboratories are a licensed pharmaceutical, veterinary laboratory with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. It is has an ideal location between a golf course, a race course and the sea.

Established : 1995
Capital : 300.000 D.T
Legal Form : Société Anonyme
Employees : 15 cadres supérieurs
Size : 2500 m2

Monday,Tuesday May 04-05th, 2009
Participation in the North African Congress held in Libya. This participation allowed the team composed of Dr. AFRIMED Chokri Souguir (Vétérinaire, Directeur Technico-commercial) and Dr. Riadh GHORBEL (Veterinary Medical Officer in the area of the South) to meet various players in the industry in Libya.

Saturday, 18 April, 2009
Organization of a scientific day on "Parasitoses animales" in collaboration with the National Council of the College of Veterinary Medicine in Tunisia, the Syndicat National des Médecins de Tunisie Vétérinaires our partenire Sogeval and TunisiValeurs- Tunisie Leasing. This day has brought together more than 130 veterinarians from all regions of Tunisia. The day after high-level conferences ended with a gala dinner. A big thank you to all lecturers who have made this day a real scientific achievement and contribution to knowledge within the framework of the training of veterinarians.

Conférences :

  • Le Leasing: alternative de financement pour les professions libérales - M. GUEMIRA M.
  • Les obligations fiscales du Médecin Vétérinaire - M. LAMINE R.
  • Les placements comme outils d'optimisation fiscale -M. BEN ARFI H. / M. BEN ANAYA L.
  • Prévention des helminthoses des ovins en Tunisie: bases épidémiologiques des périodes de traitement anthelmintique - Pr. DARGHOUTH M.A.
  • Les ectoparasitoses des volailles: importance et lutte - Pr. JEMLI H.
  • Actualités dans le traitement et le diagnostic de la leishmaniose générale du chien - Dr. GHARBI M.
  • Programme de vermifugation du chien contre les principales helminthoses du chien en Tunisie - Pr. LAHMAR S.



Saturday, Sunday December 27-28th, 2008
Participation of AFRIMED in collaboration with its partner SOGEVAL at the first tunisian pharmaceutical congress SAIDALYA.During this congress AFRIMED had the opprtunity to meet lot of pharmacist and veterinary.This congress was for AFRIMED and SOGEVAL a real success because it was the first veterinary industry who participated at this famous congress.

Saturday, December 13th, 2008
Participation in the Poultry Day organized by the Tunisian Scientific Society of Veterinary Medicine Avian at the Belisaire hotel in Hammamet on the theme of "Food and nutritional condition". This day rich in scientific terms has enabled the team of AFRIMED to regain their veterinary colleagues and enrich their knowledge through the lectures at this day.

Scientific Conferences:

  • Food poultry in Tunisia - Pr . RKHIS J.
  • Food poultry in France - J. M. CHAMPAGNE
  • Nutritional deficiencies among poultry - Pr MALEK A.
  • Metabolic diseases - Pr BOUZOUAIA Mr.
  • Food and quality of poultry products - Dr. R. KARMA

Saturday, May 12th, 2007
First Scientific day organized by AFRIMED at the Tej Marhaba hotel-Sousse.
It is for the occasion of the launching of two new products SOGECOLI 2MUI (colistine) and DOXYVAL %20 (doxycycline) that AFRIMED, with the collaboration of its partner SOGEVAL, organized its first scientific day under the theme of ANTIBIOTICS.
The Professor BAHRI and the Doctors BELGHITH and DE DRUCKER honored the assembly by animating this day with very interesting conferences under the chosen theme.
Conference givers and highly knowledgeable participants enjoyed the good-humored atmosphere throughout the day.

Friday, April 14th, and Saturday, April 16th, 2006
AFRIMED participated in the 23rd Maghreb Veterinary Congress at Hammamet, Tunisia.
AFRIMED’s commercial team headed by the technical-commercial director Dr. Chokri Souguir was present at the Maghreb Veterinary Congress with a stand. Many contacts were established during this participation.
A large number of participants were also present which made this 23rd Maghreb Veterinary Congress a great success.


Launch of two new products of the range of AFRIMED:




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